Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Day I went Photography Mad!

Around two weeks back I was round my dads house. We went to the cemetrey to visit my uncles grave and added new flowers to make it look more fresh and ready for the autumn/winter seasons to come. I did bring my camera with me just in case there were any good flowers to get some shots of and indeed there was! Here are a few examples of the shots I got!

I didnt want to bore you with to many flowers so I only added 4 photos, but I think thats enough of a taster to show you what I did with my day! Anyway I have to say goodbye for now, but I will make sure I make a few more blog posts on my half term experiences! Have a good rest of the weekend, and a good half term week, Cheerio!


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Film Star Fancy Dress!

Hey Guys!
Just going to talk to you about an up coming event in my life. On Saturday I have my step sisters 30th birthday party to go to, and the theme is film stars. I had a bit of a struggle trying to decide what to go as. I considered things like Snow White, Elizabeth Swann (from Pirates of the Caribbean) and Marilyn Monroe…But I finally came up with...*drum roll*...One of the Pink Ladies from Grease!

I only decided last night and went on to an amazing website called
Party Delights, I was really impressed with the selection of costumes they had and thought they were reasonably priced. The outfit includes some shiny black leggings, a satin look pink ladies jacket and four iron-on name badges so you can choose which character you want to be, which I think is really good so you can have a think about what you're going to do and you can use it more than once by doing different characters.

If any of you want to look at the costumes I have bought click on the link

Check the website out and let me know what you think..