Sunday, 17 November 2013

Health & Fitness Routine and Tips

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So today I thought I would talk to you about my fitness routine. I love sport, I can't stand sitting down for long periods of time I just have to be active all the time. I exercise every day whether that's at home and doing my exercise routine, at school doing PE, playing a hockey/netball/rounders match for school teams or going to boxing. I thought now was a really appropriate time of year to do this post as it's coming close to Christmas (did I really just say the 'C' word?) and the New Year, people don't really want to be piling on the pounds over Christmas, I know I don't, and some people may want to get fit as apart of their New Years Resolution. Anyway, I'll get on and tell you what I do every day to keep fit.

 My fitness regime changes all the time as I think it's important to change it around a bit so you don't get bored. At the moment I'm loving finding videos on the internet it makes it so much easier as I don't have to think about putting something together. 

In terms of aerobic exercise (this is what you need to do more of if you want to shed some weight) I use a Victoria Secrets 10 minute fat blasting workout from popsugar (link here) this is really good to get your heart pumping and ready for the rest of your workout. I used to do a lot of running in the summer but as it gets cooler I tend to lose the motivation to go outside. I'll then move onto some toning exercises which I tend to do more of and a youtuber I absolutely love for this is Cassey Ho better known as Blogilates. She has hundreds of videos all specific to different parts of the body. For abdominals I love the Victoria Secrets Model Ab workout (you can see a little theme here haha) it targets every part of your abs from obliques to transverse abdominals making them feel tighter and more toned, however this is pretty hardcore and if you don't do exercise often you may struggle completing it as I know when I first tried it I had to stop a couple of times, even though I was exercising a lot already. But PERSEVERE, maybe start off on an easier video (Blogilates for Beginners) or keep doing the same video and see how much you improve keep count of how many times you stop and try to do one less each time. If you want to achieve your body goals you must keep going. It takes at least 4 weeks for you to see a noticeable change in your body and it's so worth it. You will never regret working out and getting fit. If I'm not using exercise videos I'll make up my own routines which usually consist of things such as crunches, sit ups, bicycle crunches, planks, squats, lunges, Russian twists etc I could go on forever telling you what I do. I also like going on Pinterest and looking at the health and fitness section for inspiration they have little routines on there that you can use which are usually pretty good if you can't think of what sort of exercises to put together in your own routine.

In terms of eating, I won't lie and tell you that I eat extremely healthily because I don't, I'm the first one to grab a bar of chocolate and eat it until my stomachs content, but I eat fatty foods in moderation (or at least I try to) this means that maybe 70%-80% of the time I try to eat healthily, so eating lots of fruit and veg and wholegrain bread instead of white. The rest of the time so 20%-30% of the time I eat little bits of food that I love to eat, so chocolate sweets, pasta, pizza..need I go on. But remember you can't out exercise a bad diet, don't go overboard or all the exercise that you've worked so hard at will be a complete waste of time.

Amy's 5 Top Tips on staying Fit and Healthy:
1. Drink lots and lots of water - This is something I'm trying to do more of, to help me do this I'm bringing a water bottle round with me everywhere so it encourages me to drink more. But also if you're feeling hungry drink some water before because most of the time you think you might be feeling a little peckish your body is actually craving water.

2. Ignore the scales - I got obsessed with looking at the scales and seeing how much weight I'd lost which is obserd as I was never overweight, and I felt really down if I'd put on any weight. But as my knowledge started to build around physical activity I learnt that muscle is heavier than fat and if you're working out all the time your obviously going to build muscle and weigh a little more.

3. Eat in moderation - I've already touched on this but it's so much better than dieting as you can still eat all those yummy snacks that you love. 

4. Don't focus on one type of exercise - By this I mean don't just focus on aerobic exercise and don't just focus on toning exercises they both accompany one another and work well together to give you your dream body.

5. Don't stop - stop thinking you can't do it, and that you're never gonna feel good about yourself keep going, keep pushing yourself and I promise you'll feel so much better about yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's something a little different for me to write about but I'm as passionate about sport as I am fashion and beauty so if you enjoyed this post let me know and I'll start doing some more like this. If you'd like to follow me on pinterest then here is my link