Monday, 12 September 2011

My favourite jewellery!

Hello! I hope all of you have had a good weekend and a nice start to the week! I just thought I would post a few pictures and prices of my favourite pieces of jewellery for you all to have a look at. 

This is my beautiful charm bracelet from Links of London.
Silver Charm Bracelet-£95.00
Silver Butterfly Charm-£35.00
Thomas Sabo Silver Padlock Charm-£24.95

My gorgeous Holly Hobbie inspired ring is from a vintage jewellery website called Roses are Red formally
known as LucyLockettLoves. I LOVE all her jewelley and its great for
people with more of a vintage style.
Little Tommy Ring-£6.95

This is one of my favourite necklaces and it only cost me £2.50 from Primarni (Primark)


Friday, 9 September 2011

Fashion Haul!

Only a quick one today guys but I'd just thought I would show you some of the stuff that I’ve bought throughout the past couple of weeks.

 The first thing is this ivory jumper that I bought from Primarni (aka Primark) for…*drum roll* £12.00! Bargain or what? I LOVE IT! It’s so soft and even though it’s got a fair amount of holes in it he keeps you really warm and snuggily.

The second thing is this small brown bag that is also from Primarni for an amazing £4.00, it’s got lots of different compartments and has an adjustable strap! It’s really practical and was a real bargain!

My last and final item was this ring from New Look it was priced at £3.00 and I think that the diamonds were a really nice touch!


Thursday, 1 September 2011

Butterfly Cakes!

I’m doing something a bit different today, more of a diary entry of my day? My sister was round today (littlemisspradatini) and we decided to make butterfly cakes. We were quite excited and were looking forward to the outcome of what was supposed to be some amazing, well presented cakes. This however was not the outcome and it was a disaster from start to finish, and I’m not over exaggerating.

We started off by adding all the ingredients into a mixing bowl, and beat it all together; this part was actually going quite well. We scooped the mixture into the cakes cases and stuck them into the oven, this also went considerably well, but this was when the trouble started. My sister realised we didn’t have enough butter to complete the butter cream for the top, so I had to nip out to the shops and grab some, but me being the silly billy that I am I forgot to bring my phone and my keys (which you will soon find out why this is such a stupid thing to do!), so my sister couldn’t contact me to tell me that we didn’t have enough icing sugar either… So not only did I go out to the shops but my sister did to. We managed to bump into each other half way which was when she told me what had happened.

(Eggs, Sugar, Butter and flour!)

We were walking back and realised that neither of us had a key, but then suddenly remembered we did leave the back door open, (Thank God!) this was definitely a good thing because 1. We wouldn’t have been able to get in and 2. We left the oven on….
(Scooping the cake mixture into the cases!)(Going into the oven, lets hope nothing goes wrong!)

I sprinted back to the house to make sure the cakes didn’t burn and that the house hadn’t gone up in flames. We got back and started to make the butter cream, which was a little disaster in its self. My sister added the butter and icing sugar into a bowl and started to mix it together, this wasn’t going well it looked more like breadcrumbs then a silky smooth butter cream mixture! We both got quite stressed out by this and we even started to make another mixture, when my sister remembered we should probably add some water (as icing sugar reacts with water…duh!), so we did and everything suddenly became better, it looked like a normal butter cream mixture! We finished the cakes off and started to relax because as you can probably imagine this was a very stressful experience. I’m personally just happy that it’s over, and I can tell you now I won’t be making butterfly cakes for a while…

(In the oven and a reflection of me!)

(They're out!)

(The VERY BAD Butter cream!)

(What they were supposed to look like...)

(What ours turned out like..)