Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Barry M Cosmetics!

It’s only a quick review today but I felt it had to be done. Because I feel now since I have bought this item, I literally couldn’t live without it! This product would be Barry M’s Bright Red lip paint, shade 151.

I bought the lipstick around 3 weeks ago, and have used it constantly since! With me having such a tanned natural skin colour, I was a bit worried abut whether it would suit me and whether it would make my teeth look a horrible grotty yellow colour (because as my sister told me ‘you’ll know if a red lipstick suits you by the colour it makes your teeth’ yellow meaning it doesn’t suit you and white obviously meaning it does!) but it didn’t, it looked perfect, even if I do say so myself!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour and I really think it makes my eyes look a lot fuller and brighter! With Barry M being of such a high quality I was a bit shocked when the price was only £4.49, but I must say I am so pleased with the outcome and would happily buy this product again or even buy it in different colours!


(p.s here is a link to Barry M's website where you can purchase his lip paint: Barry M Lip Paint)

Monday, 22 August 2011

This Seasons Hairstyles!

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been blogging in while, been really busy, but I hope that wherever you are you’re having a great summer jam-packed with lots of sun!

I decided to write about popular hairstyles that have been featured in magazine shoots and on the runway.

Simple Ponytail

©      The first hairstyle is just a simple ponytail; brush your hair making sure there are no knots or bumps. Sleek your entire hair back off your face and secure with a hair band. This hairstyle is really popular on the runway this month and will be a really hot look for next season.

Plaited Pony

©      The second hairstyle is again really quick and simple, which you will be able to complete in a couple of minutes! We call it a plaited ponytail! Starting off with the same thing we did with the simple ponytail brush your hair making sure there are no knots then scrape all your hair back and tie up in a ponytail using a hair band. Then with the hair secured in a ponytail start to plait your hair. If you’re not sure on how to do this I will try and explain the best I can. Separate your hairs into three sections, starting with the right strand take it over the top of the middle strand and place it in the middle. Then with the left piece of hair take that over the top of the middle piece and place it in the middle. You continue with this technique until you reach the end of your hair and you secure it with a hair band. (This hairstyle was included in popular fashion magazine LOOK which was released 22nd August 2011)

The Quiff

©      Now for our last hairstyle. This last hairstyle goes really well with the rock chick look, but can be made to look even more girly and feminine. This is what I call ‘The Quiff’. It’s really easy and you can style it with straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair or even have it with the two styles I have described above! Start off by brushing all your hair then from the front of your head going back around 2 inches take a chunk of your hair. Hold up your hair and pull tightly then with a brush backcomb the back of your hair right at the root this just gives your hair a bit of volume and helps to keep everything together. Once you’ve completed that hold your hair on the top of your head and push the piece of her forward making a small bump. This is going to be your quiff so tweak it any way you want and secure it with bobby pins.

All these looks are really quick and simple and can be completed within 5 minutes. These hairstyles are perfect for school or work and are even great for completing an outfit before you go out partying. I hope you find my instructions easy to understand if not please feel free to comment and I will upload a YouTube video of the style.

Amy x