Thursday, 20 February 2014

Running With Music: Does it Really Help?

Recently I've been really in to going for runs, now I'm no Mo Farah, but I like to think I have a fair bit of knowledge about what is best when you go for a run and how to get further and further each time helping to achieve your personal goals. Everyone always speaks about listening to music on runs and suggests that you use fast upbeat songs to make you go faster and feel more motivated, which does work and that's great for people who have been running for years, who are trying to achieve new personal bests. But, what about beginners who just want to make it to 1 mile and push themselves that little bit further each time?

I always used to run too music and found it incredibly boring running without but, it was only until I had a chat with my dad that I realised its pretty much impossible to run out of time to the beat of the music. Now really it's a matter of personal preference, some people find it more effective running to up tempo music and every now and again I still like to listen to it too, but for people who are just starting out, that are still going strong with their New Years resolutions, maybe try giving the music a rest for a bit and focus on maintaining a steady pace and see how much further you go.

Let me know how you get on. Do you listen to music whilst on a run?


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